I am a queer, polyamorous, kinky 30-something husband and father. I am an animator, illustrator, and model (see entry 16 ) -turned-photographer.

The reason i chose the title is because i feel that, given the anonymous nature of the internet, we are free to share anything we want at any time without repercussions. Basically this frees us to be exhibitionists without fear of judgement by anyone who matters (unless of course our internet presence blows up and we start making virtual dollars :P). And since i’m talking about how i feel about things, there you go.

This blog is an outlet for whatever I happen to be feeling on any given day, and as such, may be vulgar, angry, political, possibly offensive to some. It is, however, likely to be sexual in nature most of the time, including graphic erotic photography and artwork. I occasionally delve into how these things affect me as a person of color, and how my self and my sexuality are perceived in that context.

If these things offend you, go away. If they don’t, and you feel like talking, feel free to comment.

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