July 1, 2016

Fuck rope, fuck rope community, fuck kink fame, fuck rope family, fuck rope religion, fuck rope cults, fuck rope, Fuck Rope, FUCK ROPE.

It’s a tool just like anything else. It only has the meaning you give it. And if you give it THAT much meaning and that meaning isn’t attached to a person, then i have some serious questions.

Maybe i don’t GET IT. Fine. But i’m really fucking tired of rope being treated as this holy grail of kink. Yeah, there’s an art to it, yeah there are a lot of styles, yeah it takes a while to learn how to do safely. Other than the time spent, how is that any different than ANYTHING else?

My mom used to say the greatest thing, and i wish i’d understood the value of it when i was younger: “Don’t let anything become a god to you.” Of course, being Christian, she meant that in the way that only the Christian god should be a god to anyone. But it applies universally; drugs, relationships, money, exercise, alcohol, smoking, religion, sex, kink, you name it. Once it becomes so important to you that you need it above anything else, or you treat it like anything other than just a part of your life that you enjoy in balance with the rest, it’s gone too far.

But of course, humans (especially in this country) are creatures of extremes. Balance (homeostasis) is something we fight constantly because we’re told that if we’re stable an happy in something, we’re not doing enough. If we’re not progressing, we’re stagnating. Etc, etc, ad nauseam. Plus if we’re not doing the “in” thing, or not doing it to a certain level, we’re not “cool.”


I’m just done. The funny thing is that i actually like rope. I like the feel of it. I like the compression of being tied. I like the feeling of immobilization. But this rope community/family bullshit is, frankly, bullshit.


I haven’t used this blog in a really long time, but it’s time to start up again. Lots of things have happened in the two years that i’ve been away from this space, all of it bears talking about, and this is the only place i can do it.

Any other space is, basically, unsafe for me to fully express myself, because i talk about people who don’t want me to talk about them, and then they equate it to posting a naked picture without their consent, which is a ridiculous and extreme comparison. Also, i can post whatever the fuck i want on my own blog because it’s fucking MINE.

There may come a time where someone reads what i have to say about them, and they don’t like it. Well, if you didn’t want me saying something you don’t like, maybe you should have behaved better toward me.



So, i’m back, and we’ll see where this goes.