62: Winter Fire 2014, chapter 8 – Beat

March 20, 2014

(As usual, all names but one have been changed to Capcom pseudonyms to protect the “innocent.”)

Returning to Kraken’s Ball, Jenn and i parted ways to hang with people and prepare for my scene with Felicia, respectively. I found Felicia fresh from a rope scene, so i gave her a bit of a break to recover and i prepared my implements. I’d grown increasingly fond of using drumsticks to beat people; i feel they bring a bit of novelty, because in the scene everyone seems to be into using traditional canes (expensive) or household pervertables (often cheap, but easily replaceable). I figured drumsticks are made for beating things, so they make perfect sense, plus i have experience as a percussionist, so they’re familiar to me.

I looked around for a space to play, and decided on a cage with a good sized floor pad. I’d never played in a cage before, but i liked the idea, because it provided a defined space in which to play, plus a good barrier from people not involved in the scene, so there wouldn’t be any interruptions in that way. Those of you who know me know that i hate being interrupted when i’m working. Aside from these though, there’s the psychological factor of “now you’re locked in here with me and you have no escape” which is kinda fun too.

I laid out all of my tools to clean them in preparation: an array of drumsticks and brushes, two wooden homemade canes and one heavy, metal one. I also cleaned off my batting gloves and tweezers (more on those later). Felicia came into the cage to check things out, and seemed pleased with everything i’d brought to use on her. I explained the feel of each tool, and gauged her reactions: looked like we were going to be sticking mostly with the drumsticks, which was perfectly fine by me. 🙂 I took out my large bottle of water for afterward. When we were both ready i closed the cage door and put my batting gloves on to signal the start.

Explanation: I use batting gloves because they have padded palms. Baseball bats deliver a lot of shock when they slam into a ball, which gets transferred to the hands and can hurt quite a bit. Spanking someone does not deliver quite so much shock, but having ones hands padded does make things easier, plus one can deliver much harder blows without having to worry about one’s hands giving out. It also helps to deal with the shock and potential skin rawness of using implements of various types. I’ve been very pleased with them.

Felicia stood in the middle of the cage as i slowly walked around her, lightly touching her skin with my gloved hand. I lightly massaged her body before roughly grabbing a handful of her hair to guide her to the floor. I laid her on her stomach and began to spank and punch her ass, lightly at first and then harder and harder to listen to her reactions and watch her ass jiggle (because YAY ass jiggling!). I decided that the sensation for this should go from thuddy to stingy, so the first drumsticks i grabbed were the marimba mallets. They have a rubber core, a soft fiber exterior and very springy stems, so i can get a good rhythm with them without much effort. I’ve noticed that i have a lot of fun delivering thuddy pain (almost as much fun as receiving it). Actually i’ve noticed i just like delivering pain in general. Guess i’m a sadomasochist after all. ANYWAY, i varied the sensation by dragging the mallets first, giving a slightly scratchy caress, and then lightly tapping on bony areas and increasing the force as i moved to more fleshy areas (again, YAY ass juggling!). I did the same with my harder, wooden drumsticks and continued the same patterns with my lighting rods. By this point Felicia’s back side, specifically her backside (see what i did thar?) was about done for the evening, and she informed me that she’d like to turn over (my general communication method for scenes is Red/yellow/green, but i also just like direct communication; i’m not likely to want to play with someone who becomes non-verbal unless it’s animal play and/or i know their signals REALLY well).

I should point out here that Felicia has an athletic body and her muscles were quite visible to my eyes. This (along with our previous negotiations) gave me a very good indication of where i could hit safely, but also allowed me some freedom i don’t have normally as far as different areas to hit. For instance, before this scene i’d never hit someone on the arms before and that was a real treat. Continuing with the lightning rods, i started hitting her front side a bit randomly: arms, legs, hips, inner thighs, just whatever came to mind at the time. It was fun because i could tap a few times on a certain area acting as a warm-up, but then hit really hard somewhere else. Plus the lightning rods give a very satisfying “TAK” sound. Along with Felicia’s reactions/noises, i was just having a blast. My fun increased when i started tapping on her bits.

I’m always really careful when play becomes genitally focused, even briefly. I tend to err on the side of “less is more” unless i’m really comfortable with a person and i know what they like or they’re very clearly asking for me to do more. In this case, since it was our first time playing, i stayed fairly light, tapping on Felicia’s bits, using that as a break from rapidly beating her inner thighs. Had a pretty nice sound to it, actually: tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, TAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATATAKATA tak, tak, tak… and so on. After this i think i switched to my drum brushes for a moment, just to ease down from the impact a bit; these can be a very pleasurable thing for someone who likes light scratches along with stingy hits, but also it transitions well into knife play.

Now, i don’t trust myself with an actual sharp knife yet. But I’ve found i can deliver very similar sensation with a pair of needle-point tweezers, which I’ve used often. They’re very easy to control, and i feel as though they are a very close extension of my own body, since they don’t even go past an inch away from my fingertips the way that i hold them.

I guided Felicia into my lap, and dragged the simulated knife all along her body tracing patterns and carving light welts all along her torso, from her neck down to her thighs. I followed every contour i could see or think of, along her ribs, down her sternum, on her breasts and nipples, across her abs, along her collarbone, you name it. Soon she was a beautiful tapestry of pale skin contrasted with pink and red lines. It was about this time that the party ended, much to my disappointment. I really wanted to continue for at least another half hour. But alas we had to end the scene. We pleasantly bantered as we cleaned up and drank water, then hugged and said our good-nights.

I definitely had a lot of fun with that scene and from all indication, so did she. Hopefully we’ll be able to play again, and with less of a time constraint.

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