61: Winter Fire 2014, chapter 7 – Release

March 9, 2014

(As usual, all names but one have been changed to Capcom pseudonyms to protect the “innocent.” All actions depicted herein are consensual, though in at least one instance, it might not sound like it.)

I was feeling interestingly tired after my scene with Remy. On its face it hadn’t been a particularly strenuous bit of action, but i think the combination of lack of sleep, the general activity of the day, and the energy of the scene itself had left me a little drained. Not a position i wanted to be in, because coming up soon was the Kraken’s Ball, wherein i had two scenes planned, one of which was bound to be very strenuous on me, both physically and psychologically.

Sakura and i had been planning a scene for a while; she’d tied me at last year’s winter fire and we both had a great deal of fun. She pushed my flexibility and we made a fun and beautiful bit of rope art (as far as i could tell, i was blindfolded). We’d originally wanted to do something similar, pushing my flexibility even more, but the events of life gave me a different idea. Jenn has often tied me sadistically, and in one session, pushed me to the point of crying, but she’d never gone so far as being *purely* sadistic with a rope scene; it was always “ok, i’m gonna push you a bit, ready?” This time around with Sakura, and since the theme of Kraken’s Lair parties has always had a kind of “go hard or go home” bent to it, i wanted to try something different. I wanted to try and achieve some kind of catharsis thru rope.

Under more typical circumstances, this is something that i would ask Jenn to do, but i had some specifics that i knew Jenn would actually be uncomfortable with. First off, i needed Sakura to be completely sadistic. No art, no beauty, just suffering. Secondly, i didn’t want aftercare, which is highly atypical. But the point of this scene for me was that i needed to be able to take everything that she could dish out, and even be broken by it, but afterwards prove to myself that i had the strength to pull myself back together, completely on my own, and go on. It was emblematic of my life circumstances: the universe is throwing a lot of stuff at me, and i’m really barely holding on, but i had to dig deep and pull myself together to get past it all, because ultimately, the only person i can REALLY rely on is myself.

I was still a bit pent up from my scene with Remy, on top of my fatigue, so i was in an odd headspace as Jenn and i got ready in our room. I was, interestingly, not in a bottom-type headspace at all, which i figured would kind of work for the upcoming rope scene, since i needed to be defiant and all “you can’t defeat me!” But i was also feeling really antsy and toppy as well. To the point where, between our hotel room and the elevator, i stopped Jenn in the hallway, shoved her up against a wall and forcefully kissed her. She fought back, but i pinned her hands over her head with one hand, held her body against the wall with my leg between her thighs, grinding against her as i gripped her throat with my other hand ravaged her mouth with mine for a few smoldering minutes. As suddenly as i’d grabbed her, i released her. Grinning, i said “Ok, now we can go,” and briskly walked toward the elevator.

When we arrived at the Kraken’s ball, I saw Sakura being tied in a suspension by her fiancee, Ken. I figured it might be a while before they were done, and also would take some time for her to recover, so i knew i had at least an hour before our scene could take place. I took the time to look around, check out some of the other scenes that were happening, and to check in with Felicia about our impact play scene which would be taking place later that night. That was also a scene i was very much looking forward to, because i’d seen Felicia play (live and “memorex”) and i knew that it would be one of the few opportunities i’d had, so far, to really lay into someone with my drumsticks, et al. She’s a pretty tough bottom, and through our negotiations i’d gotten really excited. I found her between scenes, checked in to make sure that everything was a go (it was), set it up for later and went to find Sakura, who’d come down from her suspension and was sitting quietly.

Something seemed off when i approached her, and that was confirmed when i lightly tapped her on the shoulder and she jumped as though i’d clapped right next to her ear. Turned out that a bunch of stressors had led to her being in the wrong headspace for our scene, so it wasn’t going to happen this evening. Given where my head was already, this was actually just fine with me. I decided to find Jenn and see what she was up to. Turns out she’d just gotten done with a scene, so the timing was pretty good.

I know that i was still feeling extremely horny from my scene with Remy, and Jenn seemed a bit on edge herself, so after a brief conversation and a quick text to Felix to let them know that the room would be sexually occupied, we decided that we simply HAD to go back up to our hotel room to fuck. This isn’t our usual protocol; normally it’s a more organic flow from cuddles to makeouts to whatever-else-we-feel-like inbetween, to fucking, but this time we were pretty much dead set on fucking and cumming. After hastily returning to our room, we quickly shucked most of our clothes and were rather all over each other. There was a brief interlude, where she stood over me with a foot in my lap and all but ordered me to remove her boot. It was at this point that Felix returned to our room and immediately realized that they were interrupting something. Turns out that they hadn’t seen the text. No matter, as the interruption was brief.

As i said, this wasn’t our usual protocol. We don’t typically have what we refer to as “goal oriented” sex; we don’t fuck for the sake of cumming. Don’t get me wrong, we both love a good orgasm, but sometime that doesn’t happen, and that’s just fine. This time, though cumming was the order of the day. Maybe it was the overall sexual energy of the event. Maybe it was the fact that we’d barely seen each other all day. Maybe we’d both been playing away from each other all day and we just missed each other. Who knows, but we both know what buttons to push to help get each other off, and we were definitely pushing them ALL this time. We both came hard and loud, and collapse onto our bed, panting and giggling.

Normally at this point, it would be cuddle and sleep time, but the night wasn’t over yet, and we had a party to get back to. So we changed into some yet sexier clothing, and headed back downstairs to the Kraken’s ball, reenergized for a little more debaucherous fun.

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