58: Winter Fire 2014, chapter 4 – Blue

February 21, 2014

(as always, some names but have been changed to Capcom pseudonyms. Others have been changed to pseudonyms of their choosing)

Maki and i had never played before, and this scene kinda came up at the last minute. We’d only met, at most, a month prior to the event and hadn’t spoken much until just a couple of weeks before. We seemed to connect pretty well, though, so the chemistry felt good for the scene we’d planned. We found a spanking bench and i disrobed (down to a thong and thigh highs) and climbed onto it. The majority of the scene was caning, which, though i’ve had a little bit of self practice, was new to me. Turns out i’m rather a champ at it. I’ve always been a fairly tough bottom; my VERY FIRST scene way back in the day went a lot longer than the people watching thought it would, and if not for certain particularly sensitive areas of mine being stimulated, i probably could have stayed up there a fair amount longer. This scene was with Maki was challenging, but i just let myself relax and breathe, and just take all the pain in. She had like nine million implements, i swear. One of my favorites was a flogger made from a soft synthetic rope with the ends tied off and burned so that they formed these hard knobs on the end.

Maki used a twist on the standard green/yellow/red safeword system, adding the “blue” to the mix, as a way of saying “stay right here at this level, this is just right.” While using the aforementioned flogger, she checked in with me on how i was feeling. I think she hit me about 15-20 times across my ass and upper legs, and then asked for a color. I was in exquisite agony, and breathlessly sighed “Blue.” The scene continued and eventually wound down, and i was a shaky puddle of endorphins, my ass on fire and my eyes lit up like Times Square on Christmas Eve. Maki gently touched me, caressing my body and giving me water, all the while marveling at her work. She came to the front of the bench, fondling my shoulder and looking me in the eyes as i breathed heavily. My brain was yelling “please kiss me” and my mouth soon followed suit. She hungrily obliged me and we made out for what was probably minutes but felt like entirely too short a time.

Once i started coming down from my hormone high, i gingerly removed myself from the bench and she started cleaning and packing up. I could barely walk; every move made my ass and legs cry out in pain as if to say “what the fuck! don’t you know what just happened to us?” Despite their protestation i slowly put my clothes back on and found Jenn in the dungeon, finishing up after some rope time with our friend Vice. Vice and i had a scene planned for the following evening, so i checked in to make sure everything was still a go (it was), and Jenn and i decided it was time to turn in.

We got back to our hotel room and both of us winced and whinged as we took our clothes off to get ready for bed. I could feel how warm my ass still was, and had a strange bit of masochistic fun tensing the muscles in my ass and legs to feel the soreness that would surely be worse in the morning. It was then that i saw Jenn’s back, and the result of Rolento’s handiwork, which was at once impressive and a bit terrifying. Truly a “great and terrible beauty.” She asked me to get pictures of it for posterity, because she’d never been so marked before. I dutifully obliged, and the only way i really got thru it was to turn on my photographer brain and focus solely on that task, because otherwise i’d just have been staring at the marks on her back and getting emotional. Even thinking about it now, i have to rationalize things in my own mind. But i guess this comes with the territory when one is a bit of an over-thinker.

After i applied some ointment to her back, we both finally settled in to go to sleep. Because of the stressors in my life of late sleep hasn’t been an easy thing for me but i thought that maybe that night would be different. Normally after such an endorphin high, like from exercise or intense training, i would drop off into a deep and restful sleep fairly quickly. Sadly this was not the case. My sleep was fitful, and restless; i stirred at the slightest sound or movement, and woke fully only two hours later. I tried to get back to sleep with about the same result, though thankfully i at least slept longer this time.

It appeared that no one in my room was feeling particularly energetic saturday morning. We decided to skip the classes we’d originally planned on and lazed in bed until hunger urged us to become upright and mobile. I just was grateful that i’d had the forethought to include energy shots in my pre-WF shopping.

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