57: Winter Fire 2014, chapter 3 – Lash

February 21, 2014

(again, some names but have been changed to Capcom pseudonyms. Others have been changed to pseudonyms of their choosing)

After Kyosuke helped me move things down to my room, we decided we had to explore the rumors of the secret tunnel to Quiznos. Surely enough the rumors were true, and there’s a Quiznos RIGHT THERE, thru a little exit to the side of the hotel. I vowed to make use of that tunnel often, grabbed some food for myself and Jenn along with many Gatorades, and went to meet her at the bootblack station where she was waiting to get her new boots taken care of. We chatted for a bit, ate, and then it was her turn. I sat and continued to eat (cuz i eat a lot), and in the process met up with Athena, who ran the Sacred Sex Meetup, that i missed because of my playdate with Kyosuke. I also got to sit and chat with Feral, which was just fun and refreshing because we’d been chatting online like crazy and it was nice to get to talk and connect in person.

Later that night, Jenn and i had a highly anticipated rope date with Ryu. He’d tied me once before (back in 2012) and it was amazing. The fact that we had gone two years without him tying me was simply a travesty that was, thankfully, about to corrected. In our negotiations, i’d asked for him to push me. I’ve been tied at the hands of sadistic riggers before (Jenn is one such), so playing in that way is not new to me, but i wanted to know what that felt like coming specifically from HIM. His brand of sadism (that which i felt of it) is kinda… fantastic. I’m not a rigger, but i bottom to rope a LOT, so i knew a lot of what he was doing, as far as what ties he was putting me in, and i could guess where a lot of the pain was going to come into play, based on the number of wraps he did in certain areas, but more importantly, where there were LESS. Once i was in the air, my suspicions were confirmed, and OMG my shoulders were paying for it. After each transition, he would let me breathe and take it all in, which is standard practice, but something that i noticed is that he was breathing with me. We both have martial arts experience and it was very interesting for me to notice how he was doing an interesting mix of guiding and matching my breathing as i processed the pain and relaxed into each position. At one point while i was inverted, he laid under me and looked me in my eyes and we breathed together. It was very zen for a bit there. I was sweating a lot, though, because it was still very stressful. Once Ryu took me down and untied me, i felt REALLY alive. Endorphin high like WHOA. I almost felt a little silly, because i was giddy, and laughing, but some parts of me REALLY hurt. I ended up having to do some chigong exercises (think dynamic tension, but chinese) that i hadn’t done in years in order to bring my body back to what felt like normal so i could just enjoy the endorphins without being a puddle on the ground. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a puddle, but it’s not what i wanted right then. That would come later.

Once Ryu got himself reset, i had the fun opportunity of watching him tie Jenn as well. It’s always interesting to me to watch her bottom to rope, because being a rigger herself, she knows the technical side of things WAY better than i do. But also she and i don’t process pain the same way, and we get different things out of it. In a way she’s really entertaining to watch bottom, because she’s so vocal and, well, vulgar. So a lot of times it’s just really funny to me. This was no exception. I can’t really explain exactly what was going on in the scene; i don’t have the language for it. But one particularly entertaining moment was when Ryu ran some rope thru her crotch, which elicited two very distinct quotes:

“No rope in my urethra!!”
“My cunt’s gonna fall off!”

Obviously, her vulva was fine. After this was over, i had a little time before my next playdate, an impact play scene with Maki, so i kind of milled about in the dungeon for a bit. At this point Jenn found her “half boyfriend,” Rolento, and though they had not planned to play prior to this, they decided that now would be as good a time as any for Jenn to try bottoming to whipping again.

I had conflicting thoughts about this. On the one hand, i was getting ready for an impact play scene, so we had to part ways pretty soon and i didn’t want her to be bored. On the other hand i was sad that i was going to be missing out on this scene because i wanted to be there for her. But since it was going to be a scene with her other partner, it wasn’t really my place to be there for her, it was his. I still wanted to see the scene; i’d never watched them play in person (only on video, funny story), but i figured that i wouldn’t be able to be there for the whole thing. Maki was still prepping for our scene though, so i had some time to watch from afar. It was… an interestingly emotional thing for me to do. I had no need to worry, of course. Rolento is a very experienced and conscientious top, and they’ve played together multiple times, so that wasn’t an issue. But the last time they’d played, Jenn broke down and cried, and it was a release for her that only she can properly explain. Part of me felt sad that i couldn’t be there for her in that moment and it was playing into my emotions now as well. Another part of me felt envious of the fact that i couldn’t help to provide that kind of release for her, but i guess we’re not all wired for such things.

I watched as Rolento started striking with the whip; gentle strokes at first that gradually became harder and more intense, plus the occasional non-connecting crack around Jenn so that the sound would disorient her. I felt myself wince when i first heard her scream. It was a new sound to me, and it struck a chord, deep in my chest. This happened a few more times and i looked away, partially to give myself time to process what i was witnessing, and partially to check and see if Maki was ready to start. Hearing Jenn scream again when i couldn’t see her pulled a different emotion out of me; one of distance. It felt uncomfortable; and seemed to hit home the fact that in that moment, i was really separated from her, and there was nothing i could do about it. After a minute or so, i looked back so see the scene winding down, and watched as Rolento took Jenn in his arms to to provide aftercare. Took less time than i thought it would, and i suppose on one hand i was glad for that because i could witness at least most of it. But i was also relieved that it was over for a few reasons: Maki was ready to start our scene, and if i could still hear Jenn screaming from inside the main dungeon, i wouldn’t have been able to focus. Plus all of the aforementioned feelz.

But now it was time for me to get my own beating.

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