56: Winter Fire 2014, chapter 2 – Arrival

February 19, 2014

(again, all names but one have been changed to Capcom pseudonyms)

The ride to DC was fairly uneventful. The only things that were mildly interesting were all the detours we had to make on the while trying to find an ATM machine that would read my notoriously un-magnetic bank card, that somehow magically works at grocery and retail stores but not at 90% of ATMs for some reason.

Arriving at the event itself proved to be an adventure. Jenn parked her car (a 4wd SUV) in a space across the street from the hotel, assuming that we’d move it into more permanent parking once we’d checked in. Unfortunately at this point, two things happened. One: the hotel room wasn’t ready yet and it turned out, would not be ready for hours. Two: Jenn’s car was now stuck in the parking space because of the snow and a remarkably deep trench next to the sidewalk which was oh-so conveniently hidden by said snow. Getting the car out so that we could put it into a parking garage was an adventure in itself, requiring the aid of tourists from Wisconsin, a pair of borrowed shovels, and LOTS of pushing. One of the tourist’s children took pictures and asked if we (and this situation) could be in their scrapbook. That was cute. We said yes.

Parking in the garage was kind of annoying because there was supposed to have been valet parking for the hotel we were staying in, which was the hotel where the event was being held, but apparently people who were attending the event but staying in other hotels (since the main one was sold out) were using the main hotel’s valet parking and putting their cars there??? Pissed a lot of people off. Anyway, we got Jenn’s car into a garage (having to pay twice for one day, which nobody likes to do), and luckily my friend Makoto had already checked into their room so they allowed us to keep our stuff there until our room was ready. So we went to registration to get our badges and packets and at last we were, at least semi-officially, at the event for real. Was a good thing too, because i had a playdate already and everything had gotten pushed back by a few hours.

Now it should be noted that one of the reasons i was so looking forward to this event was because i’d finally gotten over a great deal of my shyness and had actually gone out on a limb and asked a LOT of people to play with me. To my surprise, ALL of them had said yes. So i actually had a fairly packed schedule, which is highly unusual for me. Also unusual for me was the fact that i was going with Jenn. Not unusual in the way that i was going to a event with a partner, but unusual in the way that, despite the fact that we both had play dates and whatnot arranged with other people, we were actually there TOGETHER. I’ve been to events, partnered, before. My spouse and i had gone to at least three, but once we got settled into the hotel room, with few notable experiences as exceptions, we were basically attending these events alone, and not because that was what i wanted, but because my spouse went about doing their own thing and didn’t care what i did. By this i don’t mean “yes, go and do what makes you happy because i’m not into everything you’re into and your happiness is important to me.” I mean the literal words out of their mouth were “I don’t give a fuck what you do.”

This never sat well with me, because that type of attitude is not now and has never been compersion, but apathy. I didn’t want, and don’t want, a partner who is APATHETIC about what i do. I want a partner who cares about the choices i make, because that means they care about me. Whether celebratory or critical, if a person doesn’t care what I do, it means they don’t actually care about me as an individual. I wish I’d come that realization a LOT earlier. Anyway, coming to this event with Jenn, a person who actually DOES care what i do, and has feelings about what i do and who i do it with, made the event rather a huge deal, because in my mind, it was going to be either a great experience or a tough one (or a mix of both), but since we have established a pretty good pattern of communicating with each other about our feelings of jealousy, envy, and other uncomfortable things, this was going to be an important time for us and for our relationship, however it was going to play out.

Anyway, after getting everything kinda-sorta together, i met up with my lovely friend Kyosuke for my first playdate of the event. We’d talked about playing for a while, because we hadn’t seen each other in months, and the last time we played (WF 2013) was a great deal of fun. This time around, we decided to go with a different vibe than the more D/s type scene we’d done previously. We both had rather busy schedules for this event and so their idea was that we needed a relaxing way to start things off before all of the chaos ensued. So we opted to make use of my massage table (an AWESOME gift from Jenn), and I’d give them a massage with option of a happy ending. Just to make things more interesting all around, i’d be giving them the massage with my newly acquired Njoy Large plug in my butt. Oh gee, twist my arm! 😛 We took a quick shower and went downstairs.

Being among the first people to use one of the now open playspaces was an interesting experience for me. I’m not normally one to get to an event and start playing right away. I’ve always been one of those people who feels a need to get acclimated to the environment, especially a sexual environment before getting into play. Much like how i can’t just dive headfirst into a pool without testing the water first. So this situation was new to me in that way, but since it was also a really laid back kind of scene (i mean seriously, massage is not what people think of when they hear “BDSM”), that aspect was diminished greatly. Made the entire experience very comfortable, and since the room we were in was empty, kind of intimate in its own way.

I started with my typical massage pattern, using exploratory touch to establish connection, find knots and kinks in muscles, and to just enjoy the feel of my hands on Kyosuke’s soft skin. We both relaxed into the sensations and they asked if they could touch me while i was massaging them. Oh, yes please! I always find it interesting when i give a massage to someone other than Jenn, because the reactions are always so different. Kyosuke did not disappoint, and i was intrigued by the way that they would breathe thru things, and seemed to focus on not reacting audibly. In fact the only time there was anything to say other than when i checked in was when they noticed that i was dripping on them. Turned out to be sweat.

Having decided fairly early on that the happy ending option was TOTALLY what they wanted, i proceeded to provide exactly that. Having given Kyosuke orgasms before, i remembered fairly quickly what they liked, and was happy to see, hear and feel that my memory served me correctly. After a few variations on the stimulation, they were feeling pretty good and spent, and i was very worked up. Thanks to the plug, plus the fact that i get very turned on watching (and especially helping) people cum, AND the fact that they’d been manually stimulating a bit as well, i was ready for a happy ending of my own which we had also already negotiated. They watched me very intently and tweaked my nipples (::shudder:: ooohhh yeah) as i stroked myself to orgasm, and made a bit of a mess in ejaculating onto their chest. Once i caught my breath, i made sure to lick a bit off of them, because yummy. And hot. ^_^ Their reaction to the volume was something we both found pretty humorous:

“Dude! How… that is a LOT of cum.”

“Well, between you and the plug, the buildup made quite a difference.”

“Seriously! That is, like, HENTAI LEVELS of cum! Does that just start happening when you watch enough of it or something?”

“Of course. I gain hentai level cum powers by osmosis. 😛 ”

Afterward, we went up to their room and showered again, and cuddled for a bit. Sadly the cuddling was cut short because of other scheduling issues I needed to get my and Jenn’s stuff out of Makoto’s room so that it wouldn’t take up so much space and intrude on a party they were hosting, and i also needed to get said stuff into my room, which was FINALLY ready. We parted ways here, and unfortunately didn’t see much else of each other for the rest of the event but we both agreed that, even with having to put it off for a few hours, this was the best way to start the weekend.

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