55: Winter Fire 2014, chapter 1 – Setback

February 18, 2014

(All names but one have been changed to Capcom pseudonyms)

I had been looking forward to Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire this year for a lot of reasons. I was getting to know more people, i’d been a lot more open and receptive in my poly/kinky/queer life, i was getting better at asking for the things i want without fear of how such a thing would be perceived (because, let’s face it, i’m just a pervert in the company of perverts), and in general i was feeling pretty good about my life. I had a lot of anticipation building, and it had been the case for months since the day i registered back in November.

So naturally the course of things would not run smoothly, because the universe loves to toy with us.

First off, of course was the separation. Wasn’t really a separation so much as my spouse pretty much just ran away with my child. My spouse claimed a desire to be amicable, and that since my financial situation has never been spectacular, they didn’t want me to be impacted too terribly by the loss. But it all was bullshit. I’m not going to go too deeply into that (it may be the subject of another writing) but suffice to say that “amicable” is not a word i’d use to describe how things have gone. Anyway, Winter Fire happened to fall on a weekend where I’d be taking care of my daughter (we’d arranged alternating weekends due to my then work schedule), so i did some legwork and arranged for my soon-to-be-ex-mother-in-law to watch my daughter for that time. Everything seemed to be fine, so i was all set. I’d gotten the time off from my job, the hotel room was booked, i’d made arrangements for myself and my girlfriend, Jenn, at a nice restaurant, everything was cool.


Wednesday, the week of the event, not two hours before it was time for me to go home for the day, i got called into my boss’ office. I thought nothing of it until they closed the door. I was being laid off. No reason given. Just “Hey, today’s going to be your last day. Call our payroll and benefits specialist to get the info you need to collect unemployment. You don’t need to clock out when you leave; we’ll let you have the rest of the time for the day.” And that was it. There was nothing i could do but calmly hand in my keys, collect my things and walk out the door into the cold. I decided that this would not negatively affect my plans for the weekend, and that i would just deal with things when i got back, so i went shopping for my last minute necessities. On my way home, i checked in on my child care plans, and here’s when things got REALLY rocky. My soon-to-be-ex-mother-in-law had been very sick, and was still in the process of recovering. She was not feeling up to the task of watching my daughter, so suddenly my plans were basically shot. I was now scrambling for child care and was asking everyone i knew to ask everyone they knew to see what could be done. I spoke to the spouse, since their mother decided somewhere in the conversation to just STOP TALKING TO ME, and after a big run around, another arrangement was made with the spouse’s friend, and everything was ok again. This process, however, left me ragged. Besides the fact that it was going to likely be the last bit of fun i was going to have for a while thanks to my now dire financial situation, i’d had commitments made to many other people, chiefly my girlfriend. If i couldn’t go, neither could she. On top of that, we’d arranged for my friend Felix to also stay in our room, and if i had to cancel, since the room was in my name, they’d have to find somewhere else to sleep at the last minute and i didn’t want t put that kind of pressure on ANYONE. I ended up having a SIGNIFICANT freak out moment; screaming, punching things… think Agron, from Spartacus, being jealous when Nasir was being hit on by that cute black pirate character. Was ugly. You REALLY didn’t want to see me then.

But anyway, crisis averted, and Winter Fire was still a go. I breathed a gigantic sigh of relief. The universe decided to throw one more little spitball my way, though. The weather decided “hey, i feel like snowing again, just to wreck everyone’s plans. Sounds like fun.” So, there was lots of snow, and the dinner reservations i’d made had to be canceled, as well as the first night of our hotel stay. This worked out better for us all in the end, because it saved a great deal of money. So, all in all that bit was actually for the better, though annoying.

So, now that all of the immediate things were handled, things were generally ok. Jenn was here, we knew what the plans were for the next day, and i was more relaxed and all set to forget about real life for the weekend. The next morning, we dug her car out from under the snow one more time, got everything packed up, i did my multiple “pre-flight checks” and we set off for a weekend of fun and adventure.

“And evening and morning were the first day.” Or something like that.

One Response to “55: Winter Fire 2014, chapter 1 – Setback”

  1. Lucie Le Blanc said

    I’m so sorry, lovely. Doesn’t you employer have an obligation to tell you why he fired you? If he refuses, doesn’t that mean it was for illegal reasons? Like bigotry or racism?

    T is going to try and make you believe she’s “amicable”. Just because that’s going to make her feel better and she’s still hoping to not be the bad guy in front of friends and family. And also because why you believe she’s amicable, you’re not concentrating on fighting her. Document EVERYTHING.

    Big hugs, love. Lulu

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