49 (news and updates)

June 30, 2012

So i haven’t blogged in a bit. This doesn’t mean that nothing’s been happening. In fact it means that probably TOO MUCH has been happening.

Since my last post, i’ve been left blindfolded and naked in a crowd of people and molested (and loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT), been tied up a lot, came out genderqueer, had great sex with even more new people, helped fulfill other people’s fantasies, had a session of fucking that was referred to as both “epic” and “life-changingly beautiful,” I’ve obtained and worn lots of cute skirts, discovered that i do indeed really like impact play, including face slapping (which i never would have imagined), and so many other firsts that i’m not sure where to begin talking about them all. My brain can’t seem to process them in chronological order.

I think, though, that my next few entries will be about my experiences at Dark Odyssey: Fusion.

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