34 (Three of Swords)

July 2, 2011

This tarot card is typically depicted as three swords piercing a heart, and is generally considered a negative card, but i don’t really think of it that way, especially given the longer meaning (see below). But first, my version.

Ok, i know what you’re thinking: “How the hell is that NOT negative?”

Paraphrasing from Aeclectic.net :

The Three of Swords indicates that a secret or a hidden truth is going to finally come out. It will be hurtful, the words sharp, piercing. But it will not be a bolt out of the blue. It may even be a relief to finally know. No more waiting, obsessing, wondering, worrying about what could be wrong. This cutting truth, however bitter and painful, allows all that tension and uncertainty to finally drain out. The querent knows how things stand, the truth about how they’re seen by others. This development allows them to move on.

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