Trans(re)lating 009: Trans Queering Your Sex, a field report (via Trans(re)lating)

June 30, 2011

He finally finished it! Yay!

This was recorded about two months ago (?), and it is my official podcast debut. After listening to it i’m glad to say that i don’t sound as silly, nor do i stutter, as much as i feared (though may be that more the result of editing on the part of the host).

Anyway, give it a listen! It’s loaded with fun and important information.

00:00 Opening 01:00 Introduction – I no longer have my cool job – Balticon was awesome 05:23 Field Report: Trans Queering Your Sex – Practice good pronoun usage – Courtesies you learn for trans people are good for all people – Gender identity, gender presentation, gender attribution – Get clear on terminology and roles – Negotiation can be sexy – Yes/No/Maybe – "Remember who's running the fuck" – Condom and lube recommendation – Call for more fie … Read More

via Trans(re)lating

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