28 (that old familiar feeling)

April 10, 2011

I’ve been feeling like this again and i’m beginning to wonder if it’s some kind of annual thing, like spring fever or some such.

Short version: friends, naked = want.

As usual, this has very little to do with sex (though i wouldn’t turn it down) but intimacy. I have a very positive association with nudity and togetherness and cuddling and whatnot, and i really like the idea of being with someone without clothes and just talking. Possibly cuddling, possibly after making out or sex, but i think the main thing is that i like the closeness without the distracting urgency of needing to have sex (hence the “after”). Not that the sexual tension isn’t great, not that being horny and snuggling up against the body of someone i like isn’t also great, but i like the more relaxing aspect of just *being* with someone.

Not a new feeling of course, but i find it interesting when it rolls up on me, because i never realize that the feeling ever left until it comes back.

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