27 (erotic art dump)

March 24, 2011


I’ve been meaning to post some of my artwork over here for a while and i finally got around to scanning it all (needed a new scanner). Anyway, enjoy. There are some anatomical scale issues (feet too small in one in particular), but hey these were just some ideas out of my head that i thought were sexy. I should also mention that some are based on photo reference, if only loosely.

15 Responses to “27 (erotic art dump)”

  1. Lee Gilliard said

    Wow! I particularly like the “wood nymph” one with the leaves. Gorgeous!

  2. Suri said

    What a beautiful collection. I love the slightly dreamy quality to your work. One of the things I love about all your work is how much it looks like you caught your subjects mid action, or mid conversation.

    I love the beautiful boy in stockings, he seems so gentle and sweet.

    The elfin couple on the couch are so sexy in how aware they are of the audience. I love her lingering gaze.

    you always convey so much in every line

    • Thank you!

      I much prefer situational depictions to “poses.” I mean, obviously one way or another they’re all poses, but i guess i prefer for things to be kind of voyeuristic. Especially when it comes to erotic stuff, i prefer to see the people involved being more into each other than the audience most often. I like the intimacy.

      As for the boy in stockings, well… he’s just purty. ^_^

      Glad you like ’em!

  3. emilynn79 said

    Wow! This is truly amazing. I love the softness to it, it brings a real touch to the artwork which is awesome. So few people really can make art look real and yet fantasy based and you’ve done it. It’s almost as if this is a fairytale that is founded in real life as opposed to real life founded in a fairytale.

  4. bettyb said

    The second one and the dancer are my favorites!!!!

  5. DDog said

    Oooh, I like the viney one, the elves in the water, and Stocking Boy. And, of course, the octopus strap-on! I want to get out my tablet and color half of them.

  6. Wow! First I’ve had a chance to look here. I love all of them… though Octopus Strapon has my attention.

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