24 (interviewed)

November 29, 2010

I recently had a bunch of questions put to me by a very intelligent online friend of mine. I’m going to post some of the answers here, because i think they fit the mold and intent of this blog.

As you know, I’ve read [this blog], and I remarked how much you seemed to want to unite parts of your life that were otherwise separated or hidden: family, sex, art, etc. At the same time, you have what I consider to be an extremely open, integrated online life: via [other sites], we know about your real name, job, Flickr, Devianart, etc. You seem either comfortable being so open — or as if you’re daring yourself to be so open. What do you think?

The main thing is that i really want to be open and honest and up front about everything with everyone and i hate how uptight people are about sex and sexuality, etc. I’d like to be able to talk to my family about the art that i do and have done professionally (including erotic art), i’d like to talk to my friends about my life and i feel like more and more of it is becoming “taboo” or whatever and it totally shouldn’t be. We’re all adults, we’re all sexual, there’s no reason that acknowledging that should always be off limits.

So the reason i let it all hang out online and often connect my real name to things (mostly my artwork) is because, maybe in some kind of backwards way i want people to find out, and then if/when they challenge me on it i’ll just tell them “so what?” Or if they press me on it, it can lead to a real conversation about who i am and why i’ve done what i’ve done in whatever case. This has happened in some ways. I’ve had artwork hanging out when my parents came to visit and that’s sparked some conversation, usually with my father. So that’s a start.

That’s kinda passive-aggressive sounding, isn’t it?

The reason i don’t feel bad about doing that is the fact that as my artwork progresses and gains more of an audience (if even marginally) i’m going to be doing more and more of it and it will be more and more difficult to keep under wraps. So why not just be open about it from the beginning, right? Also, on the internet nobody really knows me so i’m free to be as open as i want, because, unlike with my family, nobody on the internet knows anything about me aside from what i put out there. So i can make up a new persona from whole cloth, or i can just be as honest as i’d like to have been all along. I’ve chosen the latter, obviously.

That was a little rambly but i think that answered the question, yes?

23 (porno thoughts)

November 22, 2010

Was thinking about porn and the types of things i like to see (or draw/paint/shoot), and trying to figure out what they all have in common.

Looking thru video and picture downloads, i see a lot of *activity.* Pictures are typically moments captured and are of people doing something. Videos are not typically of photoshoots (though those have their own merit), but what usually stands the test of time on my hard drive and favorites lists are of dancing and of course, sex. Out of these two, dancing tends to last longer in my archives.

Sex in porn is way too easy. Compared to dancing, in my opinion, it doesn’t really take any talent. Or rather, it doesn’t take any talent to FILM it (we all know it takes talent to fuck with any kind of decency). Filming dancing is difficult, because unlike fucking, you usually can’t just have a camera in a static position, put someone in front of it and have them dance, and have it look interesting. Doesn’t matter how naked they get in the process, if the camera is just sitting there at a boring angle, the whole thing is boring. This goes double if the person is trying to do a sexy dance. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time what people call a sexy dance is just random gyrating with no rhyme or reason at all. And often no rhythm. At the very least the camera should follow the person around. There are really no exceptions to this rule, imho. I’m talking to YOU, Alisakiss.

A lot of times i get turned on just by watching people moving, and it almost doesn’t matter what they’re doing. There’s a show on the Playboy channel called “Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked,” and i have to say that i think that show is kinda brilliant. Naturally, some things don’t really look sexy, no matter how hot the girl is while she does it, but i’d say a good 75% of what i’ve seen works for me. If it’s not actually a turn on, at least it’s amusing.

When it comes to sex in porn, it’s usually pretty boring after a while, mostly because it’s just so fake. Theres almost never any chemistry between the actors. I use the term “actors” here because since there’s no chemistry, they really are ACTING. I’ve seen a few exceptions to this, but the vast majority is just crap. I was looking at a photoset of two girls, and i was actually really turned on by how real it looked. I’ve always wondered if the photographer actually coached the models into those poses (as i’ve seen before, and it looked just as fake as it sounds), or if the girls were actually into each other and the photog just took pictures and only ever spoke up when he/she needed a particular shot. I’d like to believe the latter, as it looked like the girls in question had a lot of chemistry; i liked that. For this reason i also really dig the Crash Pad series. And, as exploitative as it is a lot of the time, Girls Gone Wild in SOME cases. With those at least the people are real.

More on this later. I’m still forming my thoughts on this.