18 (linkback)

October 7, 2010

I thought this was pretty cool article.

Offers some interesting (though brief) food for thought on BDSM and how race can affect us and our participation as black people re: the history of african slavery in america.

It is something i thought about… i had discussed a scene at one point where i role played as a slave who turned the tables on his “master,” but that was really about the extent of it. I’m honestly not sure how i feel about it now. Similarly to the author of that article, i like to keep race out of sex/play, but since it factors into EVERYTHING no matter what i like, i suppose i have no choice but to think about it eventually.

We’ll see. Further thoughts on this maybe later.

2 Responses to “18 (linkback)”

  1. Indigo said

    Hey Emotional Exhibition

    You are the first to post a linkback on my blog! Thanks for your response. My post is breif because this topic is so tricky and necessary. I will have many posts on race to come. Continue to be in the inquiry, push yourself into the uncomfortable topic of race and sex and have fun!

    Keep reading and writing.

  2. You’re quite welcome! I found you thru Salacious Magazine’s twitter feed. I really like your post about Dark Odyssey Summer Camp; a friend of mine was there this year as well and she had a LOT to say about it when she got back. My wife and i are definitely planning to go next year.

    Anyway, i look forward to reading more of what you have to say in your blog!

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