August 3, 2010

I had such a great weekend, but now I feel all disjointed. I’ve got a lot in my head right now and I’ve been having trouble getting it all out in any kind of coherent way

I need to get myself some new thongs and maybe a dress. Something slinky. No stockings or shoes, though. I hate those. I also need a new epilator because I’ve been way too hairy for a while now.

I haven’t modeled in four or five years. I feel like I want to again. If for nothing else than to feel sexy and have something to show for it. Would definitely have to be a female photographer; I don’t feel like a guy would have the right aesthetic in mind.

I also want to hook up with my black belt brunette friend from over the weekend because she’s athletic, hot and creative. I wonder if she’d let me shoot with her. I want to fuck her too (I’m really horny lately, so fucking is on my mind when I think about almost anyone). But at the very least we’ll be able to train together. In some ways that’s almost as good (if you’re a martial artist you understand), but to me it’s like really physically intense foreplay when it’s someone I’m attracted to.

So we’ll see. Vacation is coming up, so maybe the rest and relaxation will help me collect my thoughts. I’ve actually got a lot going on in the next three weeks. After that I’ll be able to think about things more.

2 Responses to “12”

  1. Nicole said

    Dude! I can’t wait to see you in a dress!

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