July 14, 2010

A dream I had this morning:

My wife and I were at a bar (strip club, maybe?) and were hanging out and flirting is pair of very hot girls with various body mods. After a little while I got pulled onstage (?) and was stripped to my underwear, doused in water, and urged to dance for the oddly mostly female crowd.

I did my best, given the lack of preparedness, and even managed to pull off some acrobatic poledance moves (yes, I do actually know one or two). Then the dream flashed forward to the inside of an SUV, and there, my wife and I were making out, fondling and otherwise getting busy with these would-be alt models. I myself had my hands roaming over taut body of the skinnier of the two, and massaged her small breasts under the thin black tank top she was wore. She moaned into my mouth when I twisted her pierced nipples with my fingers.

Our kiss was deep and our tongues… Ok here’s something interesting. I really don’t know what would be an adequate description of what tongues do when people are making out. I’ve read cliched terms like “our tongues danced,” or very literal descriptions like “our tongues thrust into each others’ mouths,” but I don’t feel like either one does the actual experience of a good long deep kiss or sustained make-out justice. Oh well. So we made out a lot and it was awesome. I turned her back to me and started to kiss her neck and back. While one hand lingered on a pierced nipple, she guided the other down into her lime green boyshorts.

And there’s about where the dream ended, because right as I got her shorts down, I think my alarm went off. I remember her being clean shaven, which is just how I like it (after all, it is my dream). I suppose it’s just as well that the dream ended there, because I really hate just about every word for “pussy.” I don’t even like that one. “Cunt” isn’t bad, but it carries a lot of negative connotations. “Vagina” and “vulva” are both too clinical, and the former isn’t really accurate when it comes to what you can actually see most of the time. “Nether lips” sounds like you’re dancing around the issue. I dunno. Anyway, I’m kinda glad I don’t have to describe it.

Would love to actually meet either of the girls from the dream (because they both do actually exist; I’ve seen pictures, cuz they both are alt models IRL). Ah well.

Good dream. Wish it could have gone longer.

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