July 10, 2010

So, about the title of this blog.

It stems from a few different places. I first heard the term “Emotional Exhibitionism” only a few weeks ago, in reference to how it seems that, thanks to the advent of livejournals, blogs, and facebook and twitter status updates, everyone under the sun is telling the world how they feel about whatever they happen to be talking about. I don’t recall if the person to whom i attribute the term believes that such a thing is good or bad.

I personally think that it’s good. At least for me, its therapeutic. Only three people in my real life (my wife and two friends) have been told, by me, that this blog exists. I’m reluctant to add anyone else from my real life to that list. Maybe like two other people. Point is, aside from them, i’m posting all of this personal information about myself, airing what some would call my dirty laundry to the world largely anonymously. I’ll never post pictures of my face. I’ll most likely never post pictures of anyone i know, not even those friend of mine who model for me (even if they do get as erotic as i might like). The most anyone will be able to use to identify me will be erotic art i post here, and even then, they’ll have to recognize/extrapolate my art style from the styles of MILLIONS of people on the net. The chances of that are pretty slim.

So hopefully (unlike other places on the web that to me have been usurped), this will remain a safe space for me to put these things out there.

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